Growth acceleration, a strategic change of direction, a succession problem or a necessary turnaround. The most defining moments in a company’s life cycle are often once-in-a-life-time situations. Vital transitions that require not only funding, but also specialist expertise and experience. Skills that entrepreneurs do not necessarily have, because they are rarely needed, but nevertheless may sometimes be required out of the blue. And experience management teams can ill afford to learn ‘on the job’.
Exactly that is the strength of Plain Vanilla. Because we have gained experience with these situations in practice, we can support entrepreneurs with specific know-how and expertise. In an engaged and enthusiastic way, we work closely with the management as active members of the team.

Our clear focus: the Dutch mid-market

We invest in majority or controlling stakes in medium-sized companies based in the Netherlands, preferably with an international view. We typically look for businesses that can benefit from our support before realising their maximum potential, by realising a transformation, a turnaround or growth.

Plain Vanilla is focused on medium-sized Dutch companies with revenues ranging from EUR 10m to EUR 150m. Plain Vanilla invests EUR 5m-15m of equity per transaction. We invest in mature companies with clear and understandable business models that operate in industries showing at least reasonable growth and favourable long-term fundamentals. Ideally, investments have a leading market position (or have the potential to obtain that position) or are a niche player.

Stars and Dogs

Although we have no sector preference, each sector has ‘stars’ and ‘dogs’, industries where we have gained experience in the past have our particular interest. Among these are healthcare, food and agriculture, industrial companies, technology and business services.