Plain Vanilla has a proven track record of creating valuable mid-market companies. We do so by providing funding as well as hands-on support when realising transitions, change and growth.

Vision: Return on Involvement

We are convinced of the added value of real involvement. Our commitment, persistence and exceeding level of engagement pay off and translate into return on investment. We call it ‘Return on Involvement’.

From Daunting Prospect To Challenging Opportunity

Plain Vanilla approaches companies that are facing transitions with genuine empathy and a hands-on attitude. We work closely with management as an active part of the team. In an engaged and enthusiastic way, we support entrepreneurs with our specific know-how and experience. That makes working with Plain Vanilla a special experience. One that is unlike any average working relationship with an investment company. But for us it is our daily practice. Plain Vanilla.

At Home In The Dutch Mid-Market

All of Plain Vanilla’s team members are highly familiar with the intricacies of medium-sized companies and have been working in this environment for most of their careers. The team believes that for mid-market companies an active investment approach can have a considerable impact, which can be essential for them to overcome a tipping point, reach the next level in their development or realise change fast enough to meet changing market or industry dynamics. For medium-sized companies, time, capacity and specific expertise are at least as important as additional funding to make a step change in size, profitability and value.


Founded in 2003, Plain Vanilla started as a business improvement consulting firm, taking small stakes in companies. Partnering with a group of long-term investors, we developed into a successful hands-on private equity firm. Our team has invested in growth cases (autonomously as well as add-ons), transitions, buyouts, ‘soft’ restructurings and fully fledged turnarounds.